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About Vape Wild 

Vape Wild came into existence in the year 2015, although a new company in the vaping industry, it has gained prominence as one of the best suppliers of e-juice online. The reason for their prominent rise is all down to its competitive and highly attractive pricing. Their pocket-friendly prices added to the fact that they have the “best people, processes, and suppliers,” makes them the best proposition for their customers.

You can’t fault the Vape Wild Company as they have everything done by the books. All of their ingredients are 100% USA based ingredients, and the fact that they have an ISO certified clean room, in their Texas Facility, is another set of impressive features up their sleeves. They provide a 24-hour turnaround time for any order placed by customers, and orders above $30 come with free USPS fast shipping.

Vape Wild Company provides an extensive array of different products in a variety of flavors. With a starting price of just $6.99 for 30ml, Vape Wild Company puts the customer first. Users have an array of selection to pick from, although, it must be said that there are some varieties that are not at the same level of quality as others. Users can go the extra and pay for Vape Wild Pre-Steeped or go for the more regular Vape Wild e-juice.

Vape Wild Review

There was so much flavor to choose from the Vape Wild Catalogue that selection had to be made by using the Vape Wild online sorting function to choose some of the bestselling flavors and other interesting Flavors. From the selection process, 5 e-juice flavors were picked for this review. Flavors from vape wild’s standard, the non-steeped line at Max (80%+) VG was selected for this review. The extensive feedback report was compiled by a three-person member team, with each team member spending a maximum of two days vaping each flavor. Their thoughts are shared below.

Vape Wild Top Rated E-juice Flavors:


Bomb pop flavors are hardly winners when it comes to vaping flavors, and the Murica, didn’t really live up to its billing. The lime flavor stood out from the rest, and it gave this harsh feel to the flavor. On the plus side there was a small hint of sucralose, and fruit sweetness, that dampened the effect of the lime flavor in the Murica. From their usage, the team members found out that the flavor was more enjoyable with a half tank. It has to be said that the members of the team weren’t huge fans of bomb pop flavors beforehand, so that might have had a role to play in their final evaluation.

                                                                Hannibal Nectar(#4)

The Hannibal Nectar gave a slow start, and initial usage as nothing to write home about, but after a couple of weeks of steeping, it came around and began to live up to expectations. At first, it started out as a mixture of different fruits with zero cohesion, and compatibility, but in a couple of weeks, it became a well-layered fruit mix, with the right combination and balance. After a rough start, Hannibal Nectar was well enjoyed later on.


For the reviewers, this was their first experience with corn pops flavor. Cereal-flavored e-liquid are usually a good bet when it comes to e-juices, this is because they always have that hint of honey sweetness in them. They recorded the fact that it was sweet, and the mild hint of corn flavoring, providing a smooth milky aftertaste, made the inhalation enjoyable. Although a grainier flavor would have been welcomed from the Amaizeballs, it is still a great Vape Wild e-juice flavor.

   Happy Demise (#2)

Strawberry flavors are known to be a safe bet in e-juice, and Happy Demise didn’t disappoint in that regards. It had good depth and also a strong fruity strawberry-cookie flavor.

The artificial flavor, notable to all Vape Wild e-juice was observed in Happy Demise, but it was evenly balanced out by the cookie and strawberry flavor. Happy Demise is a good bet with or without steeping.

Flint stoned (#1)

Flint Stoned ticked all the boxes of what anybody would want in a Vaping e-juice, and that is why it is deservedly the winner in this e-juice review. This Cereal-flavored e-juice was the first bottle the team finished, and one they did continuous backfill with. It provides a Smooth blend, along with a sweet, and pleasant taste. The great thing about the Flint Stoned flavor is that you get the same level of consistency whether you Mae use of it immediately or you allow it to sit for a few weeks.


Vape Wild offers a pocket-friendly price of a wild array of vaping e-juice. The extensive list of flavors means you can find one that you genuinely enjoy. The three-person team has spent a long time reviewing vape juice from different companies, and although this might play a role in their judgment, you can actually rely on their judgment.

The standout juices were Flint Stoned and Happy Demise. One major drawback of all the flavors sampled was the artificial sweetener that was prominent in all flavors and had an adverse effect on some of the flavors in comparison to others.

Overall, in terms of the flavors and pricing, you can select from, Vape Wild Company is amongst the best in the market, but in terms of quality, Vape Wild is average at best. If artificial sweeteners aren’t your thing then, you might want to pay a visit elsewhere

The links in this post are ads and we earn commissions if you shop through them.

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