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Just think of a Monday morning, and you have made yourself a hot cup of tea. Afterwards, you do whip out your electronic cigar, and on the spur of the moment the vape tastes burnt and begin coughing immediately. A burnt hit is probably not pleasant, however, following are the major reasons why my vaporizer tastes burnt and ways to correct that.

Do you chain vape?

Chain vaping refers to taking several hits without taking pauses. It is perhaps the origin of coil burning, particularly for starters. Every vaper has chain vaped at some instant. Also, veteran vapers may get a tad too touchy with the ignition knob when the tasty e-juice is filled in the tank. However, chain vaping spoils your coil since it does not allow the wick to absorb more vape juice after puffs. As a result, the cord dries out and burn.

How to cease chain vaping

Ceasing burnout by chain vaping seems simple. Merely allow around 30 seconds of breathing space between puffs. However, in practice, it is often trickier than this. Many vapers, especially the novices, are ex-smokers and tend taking many short hits like they would with a tobacco cigarette. Several vapers are also addicted to nicotine and chain vaping can help mollify these thirsts.

If you do chain vaping to sooth nicotine cravings, consider swapping to an e-juice containing greater nicotine concentration. E-juice with a high PG content offers a more mollifying throat hit. And, this is what several ex-smokers desire. Also, one can try taking extended, gentler puffs and placing the pens in the pocket to avoid temptation.

In case you do love chain vaping and do not want to halt then you might want to try a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). RDAs require re-dripping after a few hits. However, a vaper does not have to wait much longer for the liquid to drench into their wick. These are the best vapes however, and are not recommended for a beginner. Rather, you could make a purchase of two distinct gadgets and switch between them.

Do you prime the coils?


Have you experienced a fresh vape tastes burnt after one or two puffs? That does occur often. Many vapers have encountered this once if not twice, and it is very annoying. Some vapers do assume that it is as a result of a faulty coil. However, new coils usually get burnt as they have not been primed before usage. Coil priming essentially aims at getting it ready and soaking the wick with vape liquid. If you skip priming your coil and you ignite a dry wick, it results in a burnt and irritating taste.

How to prime the coils

coils for a vape

Coil priming is a simple task. First things first. Kindly, do ensure that the coil matches with your gadget and check the watts limit written on the side of the coil. Ensure, you do not exceed this when vaping. When the wattage is surpassed odds are the coil will roast. Before placing the coil in your tank, first saturate the wick by trickling the vape juice into every coil hole.

Several coils do have two tiny input holes. One is located on the side and another bigger hole atop the coil. Ensure you have viewed the cotton-like wick through every opening. Drip about three drops of e-liquid into the holes, ceasing when the liquid begins rising the gap. After soaking the holes with e-juice, let the fresh coil rest for some minutes.

There is a controversy on how long the juice takes to infuse. Some folks will let it soak for some minutes. Other do believe that the vapor tastes better if you let the gadget rest for a couple of hours. Regardless of the time, you choose to leave your gadget, just ensure that you take one or two dry ‘primer hits’ before usage. A primer puff refers to making a short and strident pant through the gadget, without striking the ignition switch. By doing this, you are assured of the juiciest probable initial puff when you want to vape for real.

Do you practice high power vaping?


vaping on the max

High powered vaping does spoil your coils. Exceeding the stipulated wattage range (inscribed on the side of your coils) results in roasting or failing faster. Vaping at a higher temperature also causes vaporization of the e-juice quicker than the wick can absorb. Puffing of the vape pen more than often leads to the vape tasting burnt.

How to handle high power vaping

If you do own a gadget with adjustable Voltage or Wattage, then ensure to keep it average. Do not raise the power too high especially if you also love having longer hits. Also, this is a typical subject, which ensues when taking puffs. If you like to vape 24/7, then you consider upgrading your tank system or investing in a rebuildable atomizer.

Is your vape juice running low?

Do you love extracting out of your tank to the extreme before having a refill? It could be spoiling the coils. Allowing the tank run dry or almost dry will leave the wick with insufficient e-juice to absorb. As a result, the vape tastes burnt. Many vapers do get tempted to use up the very last squirts of juice when the vape juice level falls. However, if you do notice that the e-liquid is not concealing the input holes on your coil, then continued vaping causes dry and burnt hits.

To avoid puffing the vape pen dry, consider filling your tank up to a higher level. A reasonable level ensures the input holes are well covered. If you are thinking to exchange the flavors, simply do pour the remaining e-liquid back into the container and drip your new juice. Also, one can try out blends of flavors.

E-juice choice to avoid burnt taste


Some vape juices are trouble to the coils and can result in blockage. This is a hitch for e-juice that entail a high VG concentration and those which comprise a higher sugar content. E-juices entailing a greater VG concentration appear to be gluier than liquids with a primarily PG base. This implies that greater VG e-liquids are denser and stiffer for coil wicks to soak up, and results in the failure of the vape pens.

It is recommendable to use lower VG vape juices – not above 70%. Also, you can switch your tank system to one that entails a more dependable wick. Vape juice that comprises a higher sugar content leads to the same glitches for your coil. When it ignites, sweetened e-juice can burn on the coil barring it from sucking up the juice. Muck stockpile can also make the vape taste burnt. The most loved and mollifying flavors are the major coil spoilers.

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